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    發表于:2023.3.11來自:www.americanmadethemovie.com字數:1416 手機看范文




    Ref. To *** (中文名)

    Dear Father ***:

    This letter is invite you to come USA to see us together with Mother ***, and living with us for 6 months in (City name, State name), USA. We will pay all the fees for your living and traveling in USA, and the plane tickets for coming USA and returning to China. During you staying in USA, we will visit several famous cities in the world: New York (to walk in Walt Street and to visit the Statue of Liberty), Washington DC (it is the capital of USA), Atlantic seashore (Atlantic City is a famous gambling city), the West Point (the cradle of Army’s leaders of USA), Falls of Niagara and so on. You will know that how the persons in USA are living and how we are living in USA.

    If possible, we can celebrate Chinese New-Year-Day in ***.

    We believe that you will feel pleasure during your traveling in USA.


    這封信是邀請您和母親一起來美國看我們, 和我們一起在美***,*** 生活6 個月。我們將支付你們在美國期間所有的生活和旅行的費用,包括往返程的飛機票。你們來美國后,我們會帶你們到幾個世界聞名的城市和地區去參觀旅游,這些地方包括:紐約(我們將在華爾街散步,參觀自由女神雕像),華盛頓哥倫比亞特區(美國的首都),大西洋海灘(大西洋城是著名的賭城),西點(西點軍校所在地,美國軍隊干部的搖籃),以及尼亞加拉大瀑布等。你們將了解在美國人們怎樣生活,我們怎樣生活。

    可能的話,我們能在*** 一起過春節。


    Your Daughter:WangjuanYour Son-in-Law:Dingxu

    女兒:**  婿:**


    第二篇:美國探親簽證邀請信 1400字


    February 21, 2012

    Li Wenjing

    2445 E Del Mar Blvd APT309,

    Pasadena, CA 91107

    RE:Invitation Letter

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I, Li Wenjing (Passport No. :G33472498), would like to invite my mother, Zhang Xianmei (Passport No. :G48064415)and father Li Chunyong (Passport No. : G48064409) to the United States of America to stay with me for about ten days starting from March 15.

    As I have been studying and working abroad for many years without going back home to see them both last year. My parents were busy with their work and do not had time to America to see me. As a result of these, I did not have a chance to celebrate any festival with them, especially the Spring Festival which is the most traditional family get-together time for Chinese people. We often celebrated it at home with both of them eating dumplings.

    The purpose of the visit is family reunion, as well as tourism. They will stay with me at the above address and they will be responsible for all their expenses including the round trip air fare to the United States of America, food, housing travelling within America.

    I have been missing them so much, since I left home 2 years ago. I even dreamt of meeting them every night. I will make sure that they will leave America before the expiration of their authorized day.

    Please kindly grant them a Temporary Resident Visa.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me via____________________

    Best regards,


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